Wednesday, April 22

Picnic in the Sun

Sometimes even two fantastic chefs like me and Daniel get tired of cooking. So last night after Daniel got back from class, we ran off to Fletcher Park to have a picnic. It was perfect weather... a gentle breeze, warm sun but not too hot, and not a lot of bugs either.

Our picnic was what Rachael Ray likes to call a "square meal." We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, an apple, a carrot, a few whole grain crackers, a little Babybel cheese (we are OBSESSED with Babybel cheese) Dole's Paradise juice, and a cake! Yum.

We were going to play Frisbee but it ended up getting too chilly to play toward the end of our picnic.

Finals week looms upon us - Daniel and I are feeling the crunch! I have to do a large enterprise piece, have one final exam, have to finish a large resume/job portfolio, and finish up Phase 5 of a research experiment. Yum yum! And this is just between three classes!

Soon, I need to: change my last name on my driver's license (it's been almost a year and I still haven't done it, haha) and sign up for Spanish classes at Cleveland State.

This summer, I need to prepare for being a bridesmaid in my friend Stephanie's wedding (congratulations Stephanie!) and possibly move from our nasty, mold/mildew-ridden old apartment (I just found out I'm wildly allergic to mold and mildew) and get a new job. I will still maybe be working for Phil & Kendra, too... so depending on how pressing that is, will depend on how many hours I can work at my new job.

Also, a trip to Pennsylvania for my friend Greg & Megan's wedding in June, and then in July a week long vacation to Virginia with a bunch of friends.

Then my friends Jordan and Katherine are getting married next month in Knoxville. Jordan and I went on Lee's prestigious Cambridge trip together. I went right after I was engaged - I think it's really important to know who YOU are as a person before you even begin to think about who you might be with another person forever. Three months away from Daniel did wonders for our relationship and for my sense of self. I recommend separation (not breaking up!) for all couples who are seriously considering marriage. It's not about whether you can live with them, but whether or not you can live without them.

Next month is also my birthday, my 21st. I'm not much for alcohol but I wouldn't mind sipping a fruity drink on a beach somewhere. I wish Daniel and I had all the money in the world we needed to fulfill my travel fantasies.

Over, off, and out.... enjoy some PB&J today. You're never too old!

Peanut... peanut butter.... (and jelly)


Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous of all the cool meals you get to have. It is good that you try new things and still remember the old. Can you imagine your dad and I eating peanut butter and going to a park to just enjoy ourselves? without facebook or blackberry? It's just a dream I will never get to experience. Love MOM BB

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