Sunday, April 19

Mind your own business!

Dear God, hey, sorry, it's me again.

Thank you for all the gifts that you continually bless me with whether or not I appreciate them. I know, I know. I'm working on it.

Please help me keep my thoughts to myself... but I also pray that you will keep people I care about from making stupid life decisions!

God, with the blessing of discernment, I ask also for the blessing of self control!

Thanks, The ever flawed Jennifer Martin

Tomorrow I am attending the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation "Inspire" Luncheon. Expect pictures from that.

I think I failed to mention that I am an intern for Phil Stacey right now - another one of God's blessings. I didn't bury my talent in the ground and now it is prospering! Praise the Lord! Well, he's going to be singing at the luncheon tomorrow. I may even get to pick him up from the airport. It'll be a fun, wonderful day.

Today, Daniel did all the laundry even though it's not his job. He is a sweetheart. He also went into work. Bless his little peapicker!

I steam cleaned the rug and our couch THOROUGHLY and sprayed everything with anti-allergen spray. I have terrible allergies and pollen is just soaring through the air right now and into my nostrils, plus my cat (how terrible for a cat lover to be allergic to cats!) seems to shed more and more each year.

More work tomorrow: bathroom and my room. If there's time, of course.

Oy vey! That phrase seems to describe my life right now. I dated someone who was Jewish in high school, and he only said that phrase every now and then. I think I'm going to start saying it all the time. Maybe whenever someone tells me something ridiculously moronic, instead of giving my immediate opinion, I will say "Oy vey!" And then chew it over with Twix! And escape...

Over, off, and out....


Anonymous said...

We had a really excellent time this afternoon at the MEL fundraiser with Phil Stacey. Life is good! Mom BB

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