Tuesday, April 21

Daniel's Music Review

I originally posted this review on Myspace.

This is my first blog so I decided to make it about an album I picked up recently, Cosmos Rocks by Queen plus Paul Rodgers. Now when a person listens to this album, he or she must remember that this is neither Queen nor Paul Rodgers, but it a collaboration and does not sound like Queen or Bad Company material.

That is not to say that there isn't something there for the fans of either group. As a matter of fact, I think that the album represents a good blending of the two sounds. Personally, I am more of a Queen fan and have more recently started listening to Free and Bad Company for some refreshing on Paul Rodgers' sound.

That being said, I really enjoy this album. The very first track starts the album off with a deep vice declaring "Let there be Rock n' Roll!" and the first song is an intense one. It is a little misleading though, because it doesn't really set the tone for the rest of the album. I suppose that is a Queen thing, they just made albums for the most part, and didn't really have a theme or tone. Queen's album Jazz is a good example of this this album contains styles from heavy metal to an almost Dixieland style, but that is another review...

Besides the fact that I have found I dearly miss John Deacon's bass style from the Queen sound; the rest of the album has some good music and it is a very solid album, but allow me to make some suggestions for a sampling of the album.

For the Queen fans:

For the Paul Rodgers fans:

This is a heartbreaking and beautiful song written for Nelson Mandella:


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