Thursday, October 15

It's been a while...

Since we updated. Daniel is still struggling with his job and career choices, but he knows that I just want him to be happy. In the meantime, the Philippines is becoming more and more of a reality. We're looking at airline tickets, we're filling out applications, and we're doing whatever it takes to get our baby, Tiger Lily, on the road with us.

Cooking and baking is still amazing to me. Recently I made my great-grandmother's butter divinity. It was amazing. Kind of hard to make, but I did it juuuust right. I'll make it again soon and post pics and her recipe. Grandmama Crouch will be turning 100 this December and she's still relatively healthy. That's pretty impressive to me.

My sister got married, younger than me, even - and my new, favoritest brother-in-law David is now in Coast Guard boot camp. I miss him already. Having him around was such a blessing. I've never had a brother before, so it's a new experience - one that I certainly won't be taking for granted. It's like having a buddy to just chill with, without necessarily having all the crazy emotional turmoil that sisters do! Not that Julie and I fight... we just certainly do not keep our opinions or thoughts to ourselves. But perhaps that's just a Bowman thing.

Right now I finally get a break - fall break! No school until next Tuesday. AHHH. And I just got back from a big business trip. I presented my 31-page published Media Guide to Indiana Healthy Marriage and Family Coalition, part of Madison County Health Center. I did really well. I met lots of amazing people and ate way too much chicken. I don't think I'm going to be able to eat chicken for the rest of the month. Literally every single meal we were served was chicken.

Anyway, I'm doing really well recently. Daniel and I recently were forced to make some firm-set decisions about having children, and we have both decided that we WILL wait until we can completely and totally financially support ourselves, in our own house, before even trying. And nothing else will deter us. I had really gone through a really rough patch - I really did want to throw away my future to have kids soon, no matter the consequences - but Daniel talked me through it. Sometimes what you WANT isn't always what you NEED. What our future children NEED is two fully mature adults with their careers on track and the income needed to provide them a comfortable lifestyle. I don't want my kids to live in poverty or with dependence on people other than their parents. And Daniel is the one who had to whisper these jewels of wisdom into my ear. I certainly wasn't able to do it myself. Sometimes, my emotionally charged brain can get the best of me.

I hope you're all doing well. If you're reading this, well, God's blessings upon you. You all mean a lot to me, you probably just don't know it.

Over, off, and out.



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