Friday, October 23

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This is Daniel

Wow, well it has been a long time since posting last. I just need to lay down some personal opinions about religion in this country.

We as christians, have become so obsessed with being PC that we are afraid to voice our opinions or be outspoken for whatever reason. When did it become not okay for christians to be passionate about something?

The people who do speak up are often labeled as "intolerant" or "fanatic." We need someone who is unafraid of truth and unafraid to ruffle some peoples' feathers and shoot straight.

Think of the story of Elijah on Mount Carmel. He didn't try to be tolerant of those who mocked God. Instead, he challanged them to a show of who was more powerful. He approached without fear.

He showed the prophets of Baal who the real God was. When Elijah prayed, he asked for everyone to know who God is. Knowing God is different from knowing about God. People have seemed to forgotten about this. I have personally seen so many people intellectualize about God and treat him as some abstract philosophy instead of having a personal relationship to him.

People these days are forgetting how important relationships are to Christianity. I have seen too many people ignore the church in their relationship with God. Fellowship with other believers is vital to doing the work of God. And yes, one of the basic foundations of Christianity is helping others, caring for the poor, and evangelising.

So many people of my generation compartmentalise religion and think about the life-affirming feel good aspects of Christianity but never really act. Now I do appreciate the fact that non-religious people also donate money to the poor and help them out, but I really want to encourage Christians to give more and do more to make a positive impact on this world.

And last, evangelism, this is probably the greatest challange of my generation. The reasons are twofold: people in general are becoming more desensitized to religion, and this generation seems less willing to evangelise to their peers.

People these days seem more resistant to people telling them about religion and what the truth is. People today are more cynical and tend to have less faith in things. They act like they can't trust what anyone says, and people today need more proof until they believe something. I am encouraging my generation to gather their faith and believe in something; we need to have more than just a vague hope. We need good 'ol fashioned FAITH.

To the Christians of my generation, don't be afraid to tell people what you believe. If you act ashamed or timid about your faith, why should anyone else believe it? It is not pretentious to tell someone the truth, nor is it to disagree with someone based on your faith and what you believe is the truth. If you start accepting wrong for right or ambiguity for morality, then you are selling your faith for doubt. Christians do not profess their faith as intolerance, but the truth has absolutes.

I believe in absolutes: Heaven and Hell. Pro-life. Creation.

So yes, I have absolutes and yes, I will tell anyone who asks. I challange those in my generation to rise up and speak their faith and act on their faith and make themselves known. The time to philosophise is over and the time to act and speak out is now!


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