Saturday, June 27

We return to blarg once more!

Well, we will blog at least, maybe even blag, if you're lucky.

Speaking of the inter-blag, I am going to review a webcomic! This will be my first installment of ... wait for it....

Daniel's Webcomic Review

Yes, after being gone from blogging for a while, I will begin by reviewing a webcomic. Not just any old webcomic that has been around for long time. No, I will be reviewing a fairly new comic. The author has been webcomicking for some time, but this is a new project of his, of such great scope and depth that his old webcomic (among other reasons) had to end.

I speak of Finders Keepers. This is a fantasy comic by Garth Graham. The kind of fantasy feels alomst like the second Hellboy in a sense that there is an unknown world beyond this one where all of our myths, fantasies, and nightmares exist. The interactions between the two are separated by "the veil."

The story begins with a young girl thrust into the other side of the veil and begins learning about the strange new side of her world. Her name is Cailyn and she partnered with Cardinal, a being that can find anything.

The world that Garth has put before us is incredible. In his previous comic, Comedity, we were introduced to several personifications of the voices in Garth's head. Among them being, Red-Left-Hand, Prime, Ninja, Good shoulder, Bad shoulder, and Penguin.

Now instead some characters inside of Garth's head, he has created an entire heirarchy and system of mythical creatures, not to mention a rich, but somehow familiar environment. I want to learn more about the world Garth has created with every new comic. And I find his attention of details fascinating. His characters and mythologies seem fully fleshed out; not to mention his mythologies cover several different befiefs. This ranges from the Grecian Fate to the more traditional British pixies and an interpretation of death that is truly unique.

My only real complaints with this webcomic is updates. Garth only schedules two updates per week. For the detail of the comic, that is fine by me and a rather reasonable rate. However, Garth has a reputation for not sticking to his schedule and will miss updates more often than I would prefer. I don't expect for every comic to be like Ctrl+Alt+Del and never miss an update, save for a really really good reason, but Finder's Keepers does not have the best batting average for on-time updates.

So I will sum this one up and give my overall rating.

Title: Finder's Keepers
Author: Garth Graham
Update: Tu, Fri
Genre: Fantasy (Modern Setting)

Artwork: Very Good
Storyline: Compelling but not overly so
Setting: Creative and familar at the same time
Charaters: Vivid, well defined and believable.

Overall score: 4.5 of 5

I would highly recommend this webcomic. I usually give out recommened links, but this is one of this webcomics you just have to start from the prologue and go through.

I would also suggest taking a look at Garth's first work, Comedity. It may be ended, but is still an excellent webcomic with some very slick artwork.


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