Tuesday, June 30

♫ Musical notes ♫

Daniel and I are especially fond of music... I mean, who isn't?

Daniel actually plays music often, and finds it to be very important to his spirituality. He's very picky about what he likes to listen to.

I tend to view music as more of a hobby - each song is either something I like or don't like. It can be background noise, something to dance to, or something to use as a conversation piece. And I'm not very picky at all - indeed, I think there is something positive to be found in almost every type of music. And I hate judging music based by genre or artist - I judge each and every song differently. It's very rare that I can actually listen through an entire CD of one artist... I really appreciate some variety.

My favorite band is The Beatles for this reason. Each album and even each song is so wildly different from one another. I really think they're an extremely creative, imaginative band (duh, that's why every single current band lists "The Beatles" as an influence) who could never bore ME, anyway.

So recently I've been on a folksy-Beatles kick. Ob-la-di, Blackbird, and Here Comes the Sun, to name a few.

But especially this song, as it relates to how I feel about Daniel so much.

I just wanted to share that with you all. The song is cute, just like Daniel... but the lyrics in it represent a lifetime that unfortunately too few people will be able to share, as the percentage of single versus married people swings upward in the former's favor. Maybe some people consider it dull or boring, but fulfilling God's purpose for you in another person and in yourself is really one of the best feelings ever - and it's a feeling that just doesn't go away.

Even when you're sixty-four.

Over, off, and out.


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