Monday, October 11


It's Daniel, Jennifer is anywhere from one day to over a week away from going into labor.

Anxious I think is an understatement for me. There is such a mix of emotions I am experiencing right now. I am nervous about the trip to the hospital, I am unsure about how we will know it's time. I want to hold my son, but at the same time, I'm terrified about how I'm going to be as a father.

I would tell you that I'm sure I am going to be a great father, or that I have done my reading so I know what true labor is supposed to look like, or that I know the fastest way to the hospital and it shouldn't be a problem.

I am telling myself these things constantly, but that doesn't mean I'm not nervous. This whole pregnancy looking back seems to just have flown by. I know it's just nerves and I am as prepared as I can be. I guess I feel like writing this just to see myself say this and assuage some of my fears, but hey, why not make it public. Nothing like being neurotic in a medium where everyone can read amirite?

I guess it's natural to have anxiety about the future right before a big change, just like before you get married or start college. I got through those. I can do this. As always I will take any suggestions or words of wisdom. I can't promise I will follow it, but I will listen.

In all honesty, I can't wait to meet Donovan and start teaching him about life. I know I will learn just as much from him. For those of you reading out there, say a prayer for Jennifer, and for Donovan. I don't think I'll need as much prayer as they will, they're the ones doing all the work. Just send it all their way, I sure will be.


bluepanda said...

I'm proud of you, Daniel. I think you will be a great father - not only because you can be objective in the parenting you've seen and decide which way of parenting is best for your family, and you've done all kinds of research but because you do it out of love for your family. My last one piece of advice is to rely on your family - you're going to need/want help and I know some Martins, Bowmans, O'Bannons and Goodwills that would fall all over themselves just to help in the simplest way (especially on simply telling you they love you and that you are doing the right thing, which you WILL need to hear, trust me).

And as a side note: make sure the grandparents both get a good healthy dose of grandson as their granddaughters will be so far away - they will both need SOMEONE to spoil. :)

Janelle Martin said...

Hey buddy! You're gonna be a great Dad! Can't wait to meet this gorgeous baby. Love, Mom and Dad

Sara D. said...

You two are going to be great parents! I'm so excited to read about/see what God does in your lives and in Donovan's! Praying for you all!

Cameron Jourdan Fry said...

Hey Jennifer! Praying for you guys...wisdom, strength, endurance, awareness in all that is good and from above. :) Blessings...

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