Monday, May 10

A change is in the wind.

Many things have happened since I last updated.

  • We are holding off on our trip to the Philippines. Yes, I know that people "hold off" on little things they meant to accomplish all the time - like college, jobs, moving out and living independently like God instructed us to do in Genesis 2:24... but I really mean it. God's will doesn't just disappear from our lives, and my God still tells me what He wants me to do.... but on that same note, God's will certainly does not work on our time.
  • I got a new job. I am working not only for EPPC Global Management now, my dad's wonderful company, but I am also working for Riverworks Marketing Group. It is run by a fantastic couple just getting started, and so far I love everything about this job. I write and research for articles to go into their clients' websites or newsletters. Soon I will learn about SEOs, integrated social network marketing.. so much more. I love that all my little talents have combined into this one perfect job. Not to mention the extreme flexibility and being able to work from home.
  • Daniel and I have purchased a house. This house is an absolute steal. It is brick and veneer paneling on the outside, and gorgeous new paint and hardwood floors on the inside. All new kitchen appliances. Ample yard space. Three bedrooms, one spacious bathroom. Central heating and a/c. We are very, very blessed to have been able to purchase this home at an outstanding price.
  • Perhaps the biggest change and surprise: we are expecting our first child around October 19th. This was what led to the three above life decisions, and how God honored this little surprise with his will and our ability to work hard and live independently with the above blessings. I was shocked by how quickly things just fell into place after coming into God's will.

I'll be honest - I was not expecting - or even wanting - this pregnancy. I struggled with it off and on (baby bug, then career bug - it's still instilled in most women that you have to choose between the two) but ultimately I felt like God was calling me overseas and it was not my time. We continued regular marital practices to ensure pregnancy would not occur. I'm not some thoughtless silly girl and I prided myself, perhaps a bit too much, on my reproductive knowledge and scoffed those who simply "got pregnant" while "forgetting" to get birth control. I've been on birth control since I was 15 due to medical issues - and I would certainly never deceive my husband. Still, it happened anyway.

I imagined good financial wealth for my first child, a house, and two parents with college degrees and stable careers. I was terrified. I cried and sobbed to Daniel and asked why this would happen to me. Yes, I know that it's terrible for a woman to feel this way. I know that it's ungodly to not appreciate something that some women struggle with for years and years. Daniel never told my that my emotions were "wrong" and supported me with optimism - like he always does.

And then, after coming to the slow but sure realization of what my new reality was, I found myself with a contract to a house (we're moving in the first week of June) and the perfect job. Daniel received more work and continues to work on his college degree at his own pace in order to keep food on the table while furthering his own career. I've never been more proud of him, and I would say I've never been more proud of myself - women often complain about having to work or having to be an adult while pregnant. Women say they "can't" finish school while pregnant. While being a mother. Etc etc - but I know I'd never be able to do any of this without the support of a great family and the provisions of God in my life. (also, that is ONE thing I had going for me - I already graduated from college.)

But God will provide for you, and I've never seen that to be more clear. Don't ever be afraid to take that extra step - ENROLL back in college, move out, and TRUST GOD. You are in His hands... would he really lead you astray?

Now we have grown excited. Mother's Day just passed me by, and I'm almost in my 17th week of pregnancy. I'm not one of those women that thinks I deserve a Mother's Day when all I did so far was uh... have a little fun with my husband and happen to get pregnant, but it was an eye-opener from how far I've come since I cried over the little digital frame that read "pregnant."

And I've been blessed with an easy pregnancy that has been right on track with glowing reviews from my obstetrician the whole time (except some weight loss... but that's an entire other rant!) We will know the gender on June 3rd and I am just in awe of how God blesses us, we who do not deserve it. To Him goes all the glory.


Anonymous said...

I get to be a grandmother, the best job in the universe! Can't wait! Bethany (Bebe)

Jennifer and Daniel said...

This is Daniel and I just wanted everyone to know how excited I am about all of these new changes in our lives.

I can't wait to be a father and a homeowner. Our lives are never going to be the same again and I am looking forward to the challenges and rewards ahead.

Domestic Diva said...

June 3rd is my birthday! I am so excited for you guys and really convicted by your faith to trust in God through all these changes!! I am so encouraged by you Jennifer! By the way my guess is still girl!!

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